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MonthProduction (BOE)
Jun '144,743,049.89
Jul '144,510,897.35
Aug '143,978,558.67
Bayu Undan Production Platforms Courtesy Visit of President of RDTL H.E. Mr. Taur Matan Ruak to ANP Office KITAN First Production Conference Press in Dili Timor Island

Welcome to Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo of Timor-Leste

Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo was established on the 1st of July 2008 after The Decree Law passed on the 19th of June 2008.

The National Petroleum Authority/Autoridade Nacional do Petróleo (ANP) is a Timor-Leste's body responsible of managing and regulating petroleum activities in the Timor-Leste's exclusive jurisdictional areas and in the JPDA in accordance with the Decree Law on the establishment of the ANP, the Timor-Leste Petroleum Activities Law, and the Timor Sea Treaty. The ANP is to establish and supervise compliance with the enacted rules and regulations covering the exploration, development, production, transportation and distribution of petroleum and natural gas resources. It is also tasked to develop a strong petroleum management institution in Timor-Leste.

Our vision is to be a leading petroleum regulatory authority in the region and a model for institutional development in Timor-Leste.

Find out more about our people, our work and our activities in oil and gas exploration and production in the JPDA and Timor-Leste Exclusive areas by navigating through our website.

Please note that this website is still under construction, therefore you may not find complete information or you may be asked to visit other websites related to relevant matters.



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